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The Heart of the Monster Published

December 17th, 2010

David and Rick

The Heart of the Monster has been published. Co-written by David James Duncan and Rick Bass, it is a half fiction/half non-fiction advocacy book whose proceeds go to All Against The Haul. Bass and Duncan have joined All Against the Haul in protesting the construction of a permanent industrial corridor along rural roads in the Northwest and Northern Rockies that will allow oil companies access to the Alberta Tar Sands.

a review at Yesterday my copy of the new book by Rick Bass and David James Duncan arrived. Simply put = = it is beautifully done. It has many excellent color and black and white photos which give wonderful visual perspectives. The authors dropped everything in their personal lives to achieve this important product in record time. These guys can really, REALLY write! If you are working on this critically important issue you have to have the book as a reference source for advocacy. If you are new to the issue and will please help this book will launch you forward like a rocket. My firm personal belief is that this is hands-down the most important social/ economic/ environmental issue on the table in the Pacific Northwest. It is also of course now a National and international issue. I am diving into the book today. –Scott Phillips

Gus and Cosmo - Photo: Bret Simmons

Read the coverage at December 22, 2010: Those of Heart and Will: The Story Behind the New Rick Bass and David James Duncan Collaboration « NorthWest Book Lovers and buy the book at Powell’s Books – Portland or Elliott Bay Book Co. – Seattle or Village Books – Bellingham or

Ahhhhhhh.... - Photo: Bret Simmons

David writes: My dog Gus, as I set down these words, is sitting on a stump just outside our horses’ fenced paddock, literally grinning while our big Andalusian geldings, Cosmo and Tino, lean down over the fence and groom him with their tongues. They do this most every day. Some days twice. When the grooming is over, it is Gus’s turn to lightly nibble the swivel their huge heads this way and that, then hold steady, not quite audibly sighing, Ahhhhhhhhhhh….

Slurp.... - Photo: Bret Simmons

“These acts of empathy and compassion extend interspecies,” writes Jane Hirshfield “and underlie our faith in the possibility of a life not ruled by chaos, force, and fear.” “At the bottom of the heart of every human being, from earliest infancy to the tomb,” adds Simone Weil, “something goes on indomitably expecting—despite every crime committed, suffered, or witnessed—that good, and not evil, will be done to us. It is this expectation, above all, that is sacred in every human being.”